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What's the plot?

Petrov Popov is a young Russian on a mission!  Named after his champion cyclist great-grandfather who was killed in the Russian Revolution in 1917,  the young Petrov is determined to win the Tour de France in his great-grandfather’s memory.  Frustrated with Visa and Passport bureaucracy, Petrov and his two Cossack dancing friends secretly leave Russia and enter France illegally.  A colourful beggar and bag lady join his adventures as he dodges the police, wins over two rival gangs, procures a racing bike,  endures a spell in jail and undergoes gruelling training – learning French along the way! 

And now, it is the final stage of the Tour de France!  Will the young Petrov Popov make Russia and his great-grandfather proud?

And, if his name is Petrov, why is the show called 'Pinot'?      Find out by coming along!

The story is told in English and there are five English songs in addition to the French songs.  The show is designed for anyone with an interest in French to brush up their skills or learn a few basics from scratch – while having a great time singing along!

What French curriculum topics are covered in the songs?

  • days of the week
  • alphabet
  • numbers
  • months of the year
  • verbs Etre and Avoir – to be and to have
  • phrases ‘qu’est-ce-c’est’ (what’s that?);  ‘je ne sais pas’ (I don’t know); ‘c’est la vie’ (that’s life) ;
  • question words
  • opposites (big/small grand/petit etc.)

Show Summary

Pinot! The Musical is the fun-packed comedy musical that makes learning French exciting!

Set in Paris, the story of Pinot! The Musical follows the adventures of Pinot, a young Russian cyclist with a dream – to win the Tour de France! Follow him and his Cossack dancing friends on their thrilling journey! On his way, Pinot meets colourful characters, including a beggar and a bag lady who tell the story in English, and a clumsy policeman who keeps chasing him. The show’s catchy songs make learning French easy for children of all ages – and you won’t be able to resist singing along!

The one hour show is written and produced by Marie Atallah, whose inspiration for Pinot! The Musical came from the belief that learning languages enriches lives and should be fun.
In 2010 the show was part of the IYAF International Youth Arts Festival of Kingston upon Thames and since then has been professionally performed at the Lost Theatre, the Mumford Theatre, Cambridge and the Colour House Theatre. School performances and workshops have taken place regularly throughout the UK.

The international cast, whose credits include West End theatre shows, international and UK tours and TV and feature film appearances, are led by directors and choreographers Deborah Swain and recent RADA graduate Adrian Klein.

Running time: 1 hour