Welcome to our ‘About’ page. 

I’m Marie Atallah and I run ‘Sing In French’. 

Back in 2005 when I was teaching at Chris Dann’s newly-opened cool new music school, Cherry Pie Music an idea was born.

Chris and I had the idea of pooling our skills to create a fun album of French songs that kids would love to sing. So we founded Sing In French Limited and created our first album, Cha Cha Cha Comme Ci Comme Ca.  This is a collection of 14 fun songs in a wide variety of musical styles based on Key Stages 1 -3.

We took our album to market at the 2005 Language Show at Olympia and we had teachers queuing up to buy. We were thrilled!

A second album followed, Cha Cha Cha Excusez Moi. The same thing happened again. 

Then the work started on crafting a musical show using 18 of the songs from the 2 albums. Plot, script, staging and backing sound were extensively road-tested with schools and there were many pilots, workshops and singalong sessions along the way to refine the show. 

After a sensational show-concept pilot in 2008 with Etchingham Primary School, (Sussex), two live shows were performed in 2010 at the International Youth Arts Festival (Kingston Upon Thames) by Year 5 pupils from 6 Wimbledon primary schools.  The show was on the road – and the rest is history!

My job was to write the song lyrics, song melodies, the ‘Pinot The Musical’ plot, script and storyboard. Now my job is to get the show on the road and into the Fringe!  This involves auditions, casting, rehearsals, theatre bookings, showcases, props, costumes, public promotional events, school workshops…..you name it!

Chris created incredible musical arrangements in a wide variety of styles and also did all the production, recording and mixing for the first album and some of the second of the album. 

From the start we teamed up with talented singer, voice-artist and sound-designer, Benoit Mansion who performed most of the male vocal tracks on both albums, created a number of wonderful musical arrangements on the second album, and provided all the narration, character voices and sound effects /design for ‘Pinot The Musical’.