School FAQs

Below are the typical questions that teachers and pupils ask us.  If the question you want to ask is not listed, just email us here...

What year groups /Key Stages is Pinot The Musical suitable for?

The show has been performed very successfully with Years 5 – 9 / Key Stages 1 - 3. As the show is modular, any of the ten-minute scenes can be prepared in isolation for example, for an assembly. 

What exactly are the storyboards and CDs in the Pinot Resource pack?

The back CDs for each scene provide all the required sound including all songs, narration, recorded script and sound effects ( such as police sirens, tension music, gunshots, comedy music etc.). There is a choice of:

  • Full vocals / reduced vocals / vocal backing tracks only
  • Recorded narration in English, French or no recorded narration
  • Recorded script (for learning the show or performing a mime) and gaps for pupils to perform the script live. 

The storyboards are A3 spreadsheets giving track numbers, timing of each track, script, song lyrics and staging instructions for the cast. 

How long is the show?

The full show performance is approximately one hour. Each scene is approximately ten minutes long. 

How does the Pinot resource work for different ability levels?

The show is suitable for a range of abilities from complete beginners to Key Stage 3. 

Complete beginners or very young pupils can use full recordings, full song vocals and recorded English narration. They can start by miming and lip-synching for their first performances. 

Key Stage 2 pupils can perform without the recorded script but with full song vocals. They can narrate their own performance in English... 

Key Stage 3 pupils can perform without the recorded script and with reduced song vocals. They can narrate their own performance in English.

Advanced pupils can perform without the recorded script, and with backing tracks only for songs. They can narrate their own performance in French. 

The sound CDs and storyboards are designed to offer almost infinite flexibility to allow teachers to tailor the show to the needs of the class.  A DVD of the professional showcase is included with the pack so that the class can watch the DVD several times before starting rehearsal.